Himalayan Rock Salt

The Himalayan Rock Salt provided by ORIGN life which as natural benefits and premium to life. Trace minerals like sodium chloride, as well as micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, sulphur, zinc, oxygen, hydrogen, and cobalt, are all contained in salt. Which keeps you and your family healthy and safe.




Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt:-

Sole water to flush out toxins:

By drinking rock salt water helps to regulate your pH levels, flush out toxins, increase your stamina, and keep you hydrated at all times.

Blood Sugar and Hormonal Balance:

A balanced mineral and hormone balance will help you improve your insulin sensitivity and avoid blood sugar spikes.

Improves digestion:

It activates hydrochloric acid and an enzyme that digests protein in the stomach, which aids in the breakdown of food.


500 grams(G), 1 kilogram(Kg)


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